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The Adventures of Hank, continued…

“Yes, my friend Dan lives in Ohio.” Hank answers the Policeman’s question. “Then who is Dave?” asked the Policeman. Hank knew if his answer wasn’t satisfactory, there would definitely be a trip to the local police station. “Dave is my buddy from college. Dan, Dave and I are old school friends.” Hank explained. Day had broken over the park and this strange scene. “I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere?” The EMT tells Hank as he writes notes on his clipboard. The Policeman looks up from his notes and the Jogger takes a closer look at Hank. The Jogger starts scrolling through her phone. The EMT stares at Hank. “I really feel like I’ve seen you before.” The EMT says. But before Hank could say another word. The Jogger waves her phone around and yells “He’s Forrest Gump.” The policeman puts his notes down and says. “Run Forrest, Run. My girlfriend and I watched you run on youtube. You just kept running and running.” Hank was more confused than before but the policeman was treating him like a celebrity. “Well, that explains why you were so dehydrated.” Says the EMT And why my legs stopped working, Hank thought. The Policeman put his notes away. “That’s why you gave me a crazy story about your friends Darren and Dwayne. You were just trying to be modest. Wait until I tell my wife I met Forest Gump, passed out in a park.” Why do they keep calling him Forrest Gump? Hank keeps repeating the name Forest Gump in his head, until it all hits him like a ton of bricks.
To keep himself and the general public safe Hank only watches TV in an emergency. And since he was 16 he never watches TV drunk. When Hank was 16 he cut out of school to hangout with his friend Benny. Benny and Hank drank beers they stole from Hank’s Dad, after a series of Prank phone calls they watched TV. The movie “Death Wish” was on TV. Hank watched a scene where Charles Bronson killed a drug dealer, then Hank beat up Benny’s brother Tim and flushed his stash down the toilet(Tim was the local E and Weed dealer). Benny and Hank never spoke again. Benny’s family never called the police and Hank’s parents took him out of school. Hank’s family left town six months later.
Hank remembers running into a bar after stopping the robbers, he ordered a shot and a beer. The bar was empty and somebody asked for the TV to be put on. Hank couldn’t remember how many drinks he had but he remembers the movie “Forrest Gump” coming on, it was the scene where Tom Hanks runs across the country. Hank had finally solved the mystery, he got drunk watched the movie and ran from Canada to Ohio.