The Adventures of Hank, continued…

“Mister, are you alright? Should I call 911?”. The frantic Jogger yelled at Hank laying on the ground. The orange Sun shinned brighter over the park, Hank looked around him but could not understand how he got there. The Jogger got on her cell phone and called 911. “Hello, I’m at Garfield Park and this weird dude just passed out. I don’t know his name he asked me if he was in Canada and when I told him he was in Ohio he fainted…I think he’s still breathing..Yes, the entrance on 3rd. I’ll stay on the line until you get here.” Hank heard the Jogger’s call to 911 and jumped back on his feet. Hank took a long breath, looked down at his legs and said “You can do this.” Hank started to walk slowly away from the Jogger back toward the park. The Jogger saw Hank and screamed at him.”Hey, where are you going? I just called 911 and they’re on the way.” Hank turned his walk into a slow jog. “I’m feeling much better, thanks for the help.” Hank yelled at the Jogger as he ran back into the park. Hank jogged over to the first bench he saw and sat down. Hank’s body was exhausted but he couldn’t wait around for the ambulance. He sat on the bench thinking about his exit strategy. Only a few minutes passed and he heard sirens coming, one of the sirens was the police. “You’ve got this!” Hank said to himself. He jumped off the bench and started to jog further into the park. Hank’s body could only jog for a few seconds, his legs gave out again and he fell down. “There he is.” The jogger pointed at Hank laying on the ground. Hank was only able to jug about 50 feet from the entrance. Two EMT’s and a policeman approached Hank laying on the ground. As the three walked over to Hank he tried to get up but could not lift himself off the ground. Hank sat up and said “I’m fine, guys.” One of the EMT’s slowly approached Hank, the police man talked to the Jogger. Hank could not hear their conversation. “What’s your name?” The EMT said to Hank for the 2nd time. The 1st request was ignored by Hank because he was trying to hear the conversation between the cop and Jogger. “Sorry, it’s Hank.” Hank said, still trying to hear the conversation. “Do you know where you are?” Asked the EMT. “Yeah, I’m in Ohio.” Hank trying to play things off. “I was drinking a lot last night with my friend, Dave. He’s getting married on Saturday.” “Do you know what today is?” Asked the EMT. Hank watched the Jogger and policeman, he felt relieved because he could tell that the cop was flirting with the jogger and less concerned with him. “Sir, do you know what today is?” The EMT asked one more time. Hank was about to answer but didn’t want to alarm them if said “Thursday” and it was Monday. He knew it was Wednesday night when he was walking around Vancouver looking for Weed but now he was in Ohio. “Yeah, sure it’s Friday.” Hank took a guess, hoping he was close. The EMT told him he was correct. Hank felt so pleased with himself, he thought he might survive this encounter with the law without a trip to the police station. He knew if they brought him to the Police station they would put his fingerprints into the system. Just as a little smile started to appear on Hank’s face the policeman walked over to him. The EMT’s were taking Hank’s vital signs. “Sir, can I see your ID.” the policeman said to Hank as he gawked at the Jogger. “I lost it, sir.” Hank said sheepishly. The policeman still keeping his eyes on the jogger said. “Do you have a Passport, Credit card something with your name on it?” Hank took out his empty wallet and said. “No, I lost my ID and credit cards.” The policeman quickly took his eyes off the jogger, fixed them on Hank and said. “Lost them?” Hank realized how all this must look and said. “Yeah, I was drinking with my friend Dave and he is such a clown. I passed out from too many shots, he took my Id, Credit cards and left me here. I owe him a good one.” Hank made a slapping jester with his right hand and gave him the biggest smile he could. The policeman’s expression changed, things became serious. “Your dehydrated, Hank.” Said the EMT has he looked for a vain to put in a IV. “Where do you live? Asked the policeman as he wrote in his little black book. Hank knew that book was not for the Jogger’s phone number. Hank couldn’t think of anything besides the truth and said. “New York” after a pause that seemed to last for hours(5 seconds) Hank continues. “But my friend Dan lives in Ohio.” The Policeman looked at his notes and said. “I thought your friends name is Dave.”

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