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The Adventures of Hank, continued…

Hank was woken by a dog licking his face and a Homeless man looking through his pockets. “I was making sure you were still alive.” The Homeless man said to Hank after he woke up, Hank was in to much of a haze to care about the attempted robbery. Hank pushed the dog back with his hand and sat up. “Lets go Checkers, this guy has less than us.” Hank sat up and looked around the empty park, it was dawn,Hank could see a bright orange Sun rising over the trees. He could not remember how he ended up on this bench in a park. Hank looked through his pockets and found an empty wallet, his money and cards were gone. He still had his hotel key, but why not go back to his hotel? Hank stood up and quickly fell back down on the bench, he realized that he must have taken something or been given it and the effects have not quite worn off. Hank searched his memories and could not remember anything past the robbery he thwarted. He remembers running out the back door of the bar before the police could see him. He remembers running for a least 1 mile or 2 before the adrenaline wore off. Did he keep running until he passed out in the park on this bench? No, he tastes alcohol in his mouth, he must of had a drink before ending up at the park. Hank only remembers Running. He tried one more time to get up and his legs were stable enough to walk. Hank walked towards the exit of the park, he looked around but had no clue where he was. Hank walked out of the park, he was in a residential neighborhood surrounded by houses. Hank didn’t remember seeing any of these houses when he was running through the streets of Vancouver, Canada. He looked around for some kind of clues, maybe he was just outside the city but where? Hank saw a jogger coming towards the park, it was a young girl in her early 20’s wearing black jogging shorts and a black sports bra, she was in excellent shape. The Jogger was wearing headphones and as she ran towards the park Hank began to wave her down, he had his hotel key in hand. She stopped running and took out her headphones. “Hey, sorry to bother you but I had a little too much to drink and ended up sleeping it off in the park. Can you tell me how to get to the Hyatt?” Hank asked her. “Mister, we only have one motel in town and that’s the Motel 6 on Armstrong way.” Great, Hank thought, he must have ended up in some random town in Canada. “How far are we from Vancouver? Will a taxi be too expensive, lost my phone can’t even call a Lyft.” an embarrassed Hank told her. The jogger gave him a strange look. “Vancouver, is that in Kentucky?” Hank looked very confused and said “No, Vancouver Canada.”
“Sir, your in Madeira, Ohio just outside Cincinnati.” the Jogger explaining to Hank. Hank felt his legs getting weak again. “Ohio!” Hank said before falling to the ground.