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The Adventures of Hank, continues….

With nothing to smoke his Stress(Bad) Weed with, Hank went next door to the Liquor Store. Hank walked back to the Cafe, he reached for the door and saw a guy with a Ski Mask holding a Shotgun. The Bartender was putting money into a bag from the cash register, another guy with a Ski Mask was holding a handgun and a Bag. The People in the Cafe were putting their valuables into the Bag. Hank ran from the Cafe, looking for help. Hank ran down the street and saw an Electronics Store, he ran inside. Hank was able to catch his breath and tell the Woman behind the counter the situation in the Cafe. As She got on the phone to call the Police, Hank walked over to one of the Flat Screen TV’s and changed the channel. He found the movie “Taken“, he watched Liam Neeson fight. The girl behind the counter, yelled something at Hank but he ignored her and watched the TV. Once the fight scene was over, Hank left the electronic store and ran back to the Cafe. Hank stood outside the door of the Cafe and looked inside, the Robber with the Shotgun was holding it to a Woman’s head. Hank put a scarf over his mouth and walked inside. The Robber with the Shotgun saw Hank walk through the cafe door. He pointed the Shotgun at Hank. “What are you doing Zorro?” said the Robber with the Handgun. The Shotgun was pointing at Hank’s head. “This!” Hank said, as he grabed the barrel of the Shotgun, with the Stock of the Shotgun he hit the Robber on the head and punched him across the Chin, he fell to the ground. His partner fired his gun at Hank but missed by 5 cm’s. Hank pumped the Shotgun and pointed it at the Robber, he dropped his gun and Hank picked it up. The blasting sound of Police Sirens could be heard down the street. Hank removed the magazine from the gun, gave it and the shotgun to the manger. “Hey, is there another way out?” Hank asked the manager as the people in the Bar ran screaming out the front door. The manger showed Hank to a cellar that lead him to a back alley exit.
The Hostages swear they were saved by the Canadian Zorro(The Nickname they gave Hank).