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The Adventures of Hank Part III

Hank quickly made his way towards the Cafe the Hotel Bartender told him about. Only a few blocks away from his destination, Hank’s plan was successful. Another homeless man stopped Hank to offer him weed, this time Hank was 100% sober and would not be fooled twice by grifting Homeless. Hank asked to see the bag of weed 1st, before any money would be exchanged. The Homeless Man pulled a Dime bag from his pocked and it was stuffed with Marijuana shake. If Hank’s dealer at home offered him the same bag of Weed, Hank would be looking for a new Dealer. Hank was desperate, he sniffed the bag to confirm it was Weed and paid $10(Canadian) for it. At the very least some of Hank’s faith in Homeless Canadian Pot Dealers was restored.
With more pep in his step, Hank walked the last 100 yards to the Cafe. The sign above the Cafe just read ‘Cafe’, before entering on the door there was a sign that read; “Rules of the Cafe. 1. No camera’s of Any KIND! 2. Don’t ask for POT(You smoke what you brought in). 3. Don’t Be a Dick.
Once inside there was a bigger sign with the same rules, Hank didn’t notice the sign because he was distracted by the strong Weed smell coming from the people smoking. Hank had been to Amsterdam a few years back but he had never seen anything like this in Canada. The place was half full and Hank found an empty table to sit at, Hank took out his Dime bag of weed and quickly realized he had nothing to smoke with.