The Race of Three Slugs(IIL). Part 3

Just minutes away from the start of the Race of Three Slugs; Representative Sanchez(Mars) is in lane 2, Representative Jim(Moon) lane 3, Representative Wind(David Bowie ) lane 1. Representative Smith(Earth) lane 4. The Cannon will go off at the top of the hour, starting the Slug Race.
The Cannon has sounded, the Racers are off. After the 1st lap(2.5mins tying a course record) Sanchez is in the lead followed by; Wind, Jim and Smith is in last place. With one lap left, Wind has taken the lead, followed by; Sanchez, Smith and Jim in last place. Sachez wins the race by .05 seconds a slug door opens and his car is taken through it. Wind finishes in 2nd place, his car is taken through the second slug door. Representative Jim and Smith race for 3rd place and their lives. Smith has a .03s lead going into the final 300 meters. With under 50 meters to go Jim’s Slug races past Smith, finishing in 3rd place, the final door opens taking Jim’s Slug car through it. The door closes, track loses power and drifts into space taking Representative Smith with it. Tonight, there will be a great feast(Slug Feast) for the Winners. Representative Smith’s name will be etched on the Great Wall of the IIL.
Since Representative Sanchez won the Slug Race he decides the next competition, he must announce his choice at the Slug Feast. The next competition will be held 3 days after the Feast.

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