The Adventures of Hank Part II

Hank watched the Homeless Guy go into the Apartment Building he said the Weed Dealer lived in. Hank looked at his Watch, it’s been 15 minutes and no Homeless Guy. After 30 mins Hank decided to look inside the Fanny Pack, he unzipped the pack and looked inside. Inside the Fanny Pack was; a softcover copy of Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Master of The Game'(Hank had seen the made for TV movie.) and an empty bottle of Tylenol. This shit was worthless to Hank, his buzz from the Hotel Bar was gone, he was annoyed by the situation and worst of all, Hank really wanted the Weed. Hank grew angrier when he remembered meeting the Homeless Guy by the dumpster. The Homeless Guy pulled something(the fanny Pack) from the Dumpster and Hank just paid $10 for it. Waisting no more time waiting on the street corner, Hank was off to find Weed.
The Bartender at the Hotel Bar told Hank he can smoke Weed at a Cafe downtown, the only problem they don’t sell it at the Cafe. Hank knew his best chance of finding Weed would be to near or at the Cafe.

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