The Adventures of Hank. Part I

Hank stepped off the bus, it was his first time in Vancouver, Canada. The bus ride was 20 mins and for the last 15 Hank needed to pee, his Bladder was at maximum capacity. Before he got on the bus Hank was drinking at the hotel bar, after three beers Hank decided to get on the next bus to downtown Vancouver. The Bartender told Hank where to catch the bus, he paid for drinks, left a good tip and walked out of the bar to catch the next bus. Hank had a nice buzz on the bus but couldn’t enjoy it because he felt his Bladder was going to burst(Most likely he would’ve pissed himself, again). Hank and his Bladder made it to the stop.
HanK stepped off the bus, looked for a bar or coffee shop but it was just office buildings and apartments. Hank started to panic because he felt the pee about to escape like Old Faithful, he looked for a place on the street to pee. He walked half a block and saw an alley with dumpsters. Hank is from New York, NY and knows that next to a dumpster is a great place to pee. Hank decided to pee in-between two dumpsters. Hank let the pee free like he was a Firefighter using the Firehose to save his own house. After the last drip had dropped, Hank noticed a Homeless Guy digging through one of the dumpsters Hank peed near. Hank was a little embarrassed but not surprised. The homeless guy waited for Hank to finish before he asked him where he was from. Hank told him he was from New York. The Homeless Guy asked Hank if he wanted Weed, and of course Hank said Yes. The Homeless Guy told him he could get him a bag of Weed for $10. (This was Canadian Money and Hank treated it like it was Monopoly money because of all the colors.) It was Hanks first time in Vancouver but not his first trip to Canada. Hank had been to Montreal hundreds of times and bought weed from Homeless People on the street. Hank followed the guy a few blocks when they stopped on a street corner near an Apartment building. The Homeless guy pointed to a building and said the dealer lives there, he told Hank he couldn’t go into the building. The Homeless Guy told him to wait here on the corner and he would go inside to get him the bag of Weed. Hank agreed to give him the $10 and for collateral the Homeless Guy gave Hank his fanny pack which felt heavy. The Homeless Guy took the $10 told Hank he be back in 5 mins with his Weed, he walked into the building….

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