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Intergalactic Icosagon League(IIL) Part II

It’s Ditka Day and the 4 Representatives are; Diamond Gold Jim(Moon), Susan Gimble Canada Smith(Earth), Carlos Rothchild Sanchez(Mars), Fire Ice Wind(Colony David Bowie). The last 3 Commissioners have come from Earth. This year Representative Sanchez(Mars) is the favorite, his Great Grandfather Goldbar Rothchild was the 1st Commissioner of the IIL. Representative Jim(Moon) is the richest of the four and ran the most brutal campaign to win the nomination. Representative Wind(David Bowie ) is the Wild Card because he replaced Representative Cow Grass Solar, who was lost in a Black Hole. Representative Wind only had one week to prepare for this competition. Finally Representative Smith whom is married to the current Commissioner Carrie Tucker Jamaica Smith.
After the Parade of Four, the Race of Three Slugs starts. The Race of Three Slugs; A Graviton Track is constructed to orbit Phobos, one lap around the track is 40 Km, after 4 laps(160km), three Slug doors open, once a race pod passes through the door it closes, once three doors close the track will lose power and drift into space. The three remaining Representatives will be invited to the Feast of Slugs, held in their honor, hosted by the current Commissioner.