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An open letter to Lenny

It doesn’t matter whom you are voting for in this election; we can all agree that the campaigns are bringing out the worst in People(At least on Social media).
I blocked Lenny from my FB page and deleted both our comments on a very innocent post. I was actually sharing a post about a Libertarian candidate debate on CNN.(If i’m voting I’m voting Green Party.) Lenny made sure to remind me “How dangerous voting for a 3rd Party was.” He reminded me that it was Ralph Nader that got GWB elected in 2000. It wasn’t any Shady going on in Florida OR if “Mr. Personality” could win his own home State of Tennessee but Ralph Nader(An American Hero) got GWB elected. I voted for Mr. Nader in 2000 and 2004; people Died defending my right to vote(Or not because that’s Real Freedom). Once I read Lenny’s comments; I replied with “I would vote for Ralph Nader 2000 times before I vote for Hillary once.” His response was quick; “Mike is “CLUELESS” your generation deserves Trump.” . It was the name calling that got him Blocked.
Lenny is not his Real name(because I won’t cyber-bully). Lenny and I worked together long before FB was a thing(Mark Zuckerberg was just stealing kids HW in Jr. High). We only worked together for a year. “My Generation deserves Trump.” Lenny is about 25 years my senior, putting him in Trump’s Generation. My Generation deserves him? It was in fact your generation that created him. The longer this election goes, I hope most can see Trump is just a Pawn(willing or not) of the Clinton Campaign.(Making her more dangerous than people realize.) Lenny you are a “Liberal Democrat”, remember the time a coworker of our’s brought her two young children to work,you took a quick look at them and said; See those, that’s a million each over a lifetime. Our Coworker heard you call her young daughters “Those” and equate her children to a Yelp review($$$$). She didn’t blink an eye because it was Lenny & he voted for McGovern! Or she was just used to “Assholes” like Lenny? Lenny you gave me more Unsolicited finical advise; you told me I should invest in a Roth IRA because of the Tax Shelter it creates(I’m paraphrasing, this was over 15 years ago). It sounded like “Good” advise but unlike you I was making close to the minium in our State Job(Benefits & Pension) and you were on the other side of the Salary scale. I wished I could’ve invested more back then but i could barley pay rent and my other bills. Lenny was always good at protecting his cash.
Lenny the truth is, you are truly “CLUELESS”. Because the party that was made famous by FDR and sexy by JFK is just as corrupt as the dudes that brought you Donald J. Trump. Like the late Great George Carlin used to say “America was bought and Sold a long time ago.”
Lenny you don’t want any REAL change. You have no children, why worry about the future? You retired long ago, you don’t want anything happening to your Roth IRA or countless other investments. And lets not talk about your Pension or SS. To protect yourself you must vote for Hillary. How could a McGovern loving democrat vote for TRUMP? At least the People voting for Trump see that things are OFF. Not you Lenny, things are great! Lenny when was the last time you left the City? Or Country? Why should you visit another place? Things are great here.
Lenny I doubt you’ll read this but if you do; Learn to look past the Reality you created, the BS you tell yourself and you might be a better person for it.