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Intergalactic Icosagon League(IIL)

Icosagon Ball is the most popular sport in the Milky Way. The sport is most closely related to the ancient sport of American Football. At the end of Sonic Year 831(2180 in the Old Calendar)the current Commissioner’s tenure is over. Before the term of office is finished his successor must be selected. Since the IIL is a public company & the largest in the Universe, elections are held on each member planet(Earth,the Moon, Mars and ^Colony David Bowie). Each planet elects a representative. The 4 representatives will compete in a 2 week competition to the death on Phobos(Moon of Mars), the winner will become the next Commissioner of the IIL.
The start of the IIL season is the same day the new Commissioner is crowned. On the Eve of Ditka Day the 4 representatives will be announced. Ditka Day is the start of the 2 week festival of Spirit to celebrate the beginning of the IIL Season.

^Colony David Bowie a 2 million square Kilometer Space Station in orbit near Neptune