Chasing the High

I took my 1st hit in the Summer of 1999. It was a Friday night in August and I was still High on Saturday, maybe even into Sunday. I did it twice more that Summer. Of course the High wasn’t as good as the 1st time and it definitely did not last more than a hour or two. I stopped, went Cold Turkey for 6 months. I didn’t think about another hit until a friend reminded me about it. After 6 months of being clean I took another hit on a Tuesday night, the High was back. With the start of a new millennium, I was hooked this time for good. In the 18 years since I took that hit on a Tuesday, my life Changed. I left my family, friends and moved across the country. I’m I still chasing the High or is there a different End game?

Did you call an Uber?

Kyle got off the bus on 4th and walked to his girlfriend’s house on Maple. In his backpack was a change of cloths and a six pack of beer. Kyle was off on Saturday. Saturday was Kyle’s only day off, he worked the grill at Buddha’s Snack Shack for two years before they gave him a day off on the Weekend. His shift ended at 11pm and it was close to midnight when he crossed over 3rd street to Grant. Only one of the five lights on Grant Street worked, the block was empty. Kyle stayed on the sidewalk listening to music through his headphones, he was dressed in a long overcoat under the coat was his Chef’s jacket, pants and Crocs. Kyle usually changes his cloths at work but he was in a rush to get home to tell his girlfriend his good news. As Kyle walked to the intersection a black Toyota Prius with a glowing U pulled up to the stop sign, Kyle waited for the car to drive away but the Driver waved Kyle across. Kyle crossed the street onto Maple, the Prius followed him.
The Driver rolls down his window and yells something at Kyle. Kyle takes out one of his headphones and says “I’m sorry, I was listening to music. Did you want something?”. The driver asks Kyle, again. “Did you order an Uber?”
“Oh, No. I’m just going right up the block to my girlfriends.”
A gunshot comes firing from the gun, the driver is holding in the shadows, the bullet pierces Kyle’s heart, killing him before his body hits the ground. The bullet exits his heart into the backpack through a can of beer landing on the lawn a few feet from Kyle’s body.
Less than minute after firing his gun and killing Kyle, the Uber Driver turns on his Uber app, and a few minutes later he gets a rider. The Uber Driver picks up his rider just two miles from Kyle’s dead body.